apodini The Future of modern Business Aircraft

apodini The Future of modern Business Aircraft

„Every vision is a joke until the first man accomplishes it; once realized, it becomes commonplace.“

Robert Goddard

About Apodini

We live in a time in which computer simulations and modern manufacturing techniques allow the development and production of technology at a degree of optimization and precision which has never been seen before. However the aviation industry has held onto rather conservative concepts since the 1950s. The time has come to start something new, in order to finally bring the aviation industry into the 21st century. 

The APODINI AX-16 is capable of exactly that. It is a completly redesigned business jet without sticking to the conventional parameters. This allows it, to start, land and hover vertically on nearly every helipad in the world, to travel huge distances with the speed of regular business jets and thereby unburden the environment.


Technical Data

The jet will measure 16 meters in length and wingspan and will only weigh around nine tons, due to excessive lightweight design. It will offer place for up to 11 passengers, 2 pilots and one crew member. The range of the aircraft will average around 4000 kilometers at 850 km/h, so it is not shy of any traits of a conventional medium-range businessjet. Cruising altitude will be at around 13.000 meters.

The jet will be powered by a hybrid powertrain, a combination of electric motors and axial jet-engines with a free power tubine, but in an entirely new and yet unseen configuration.


The Apodini AX-16 will offer the newest and most innovative tech features that are currently available or will be developed by us. Just to name a few:

AI-based Autopilot and Pilot Assistance
AI-based interior regulation
IoT Monitoring Functions and automated Power Management
AI-based Active Noise Cancelling 
Fast Satellite Internet
The latest infotainment accessories

The list goes on.


The Apodini AX-16 will be directed towards four different target customers:

Private: Few seats, no compromise in luxory and individualization, a flying living room.
Business: Maximum seats, comfortable, optimized for healthy working environment, a flying office.
Rescue: Considerably greater capacity for injured individuals compared to a rescue helicopter, offers more than just first aid, optionally suited with a winch, a flying hospital.
Cargo: Dropship for e.g. relief supplies for disaster areas and other inaccessible terrains, a flying multitool.

About Us


The development of this jet takes place in Bremen, Germany, in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. We meanwhile have a quickly growing team of well-qualified students in different sectors such as Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Human Resources and Design. 


The production of Apodini Jets will also occur in Bremen, Germany, as the city is a european hotspot for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. Thereby the level of knowledge in the direct environment is high and the transportation distances are short. Currently we are developing our first 1:10 prototype as a proof of concept, which will already be able to start and land vertically. 


The Jet will be distributed worldwide to private- and enterprise customers as well as to organisations as for example rescue teams. 

With the extremely high safety and quality standards, combined with innovative system solutions and the newest comfort features, we are the place to go to.


This is NOT our actual model and just a gap filler until we have our own content. Credits to RAY VTOL AIRCRAFT.

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